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Price: Free (Chrome & Firefox), $0.99 (Safari), No Ads, In-App Purchases or Subscriptions
Platforms: Safari, Chrome, Firefox
Privacy Label: No Data Collected
Age Rating: 4+
Size: 4 MB (Safari), 50 KB (Chrome), 60 KB (Firefox)
App Store: Safari, Chrome, Firefox

Press Access

To access a free review unit of the app, please get in contact.


  • Remove UI from Google Street View
  • Save View Directly to Image (Safari & Chrome only)
  • One Click Process
  • 100% Private and Offline


Effortlessly screenshot Google Street View without the UI.

Capture breathtaking views from Google Street View with ease. Frame your desired location in Street View, and with a click of a button, preserve stunning snapshots of real-world landscapes. Relive your favourite travel memories or plan your next adventure from the comfort of your browser.

The whole process is done offline, on your device. No cloud servers are used and no data ever leaves your device, so your privacy is always protected.

Please note that certain artefacts and icons are baked into the Street View imagery, such as street names, and as such cannot be removed.

Download “Screenshot for Street View” and unlock the beauty of the world at your fingertips!